Annual color – The summer flowers will be Vinca and Rudbeckia. They should be planted this week at the Boudreaux and Enclave entrance, as well as the roundabout and pool pavilion.

Easements – The easements on the east and south sides of the neighborhood, most notably backing up to Peralta Sound, Hayden Lakes Dr, Sofia Willow Way, and Cutleaf Lane have not been trimmed as required. IMS was directed to fix this and it should be completed this week.

Bagworms – In an effort to eliminate bagworms on our property, we will do the yearly preventative treatment this month. Last year’s treatment was highly successful so we will use IMS again this year to complete this.

Irrigation – In our efforts to monitor expenses and balance watering needs, we are closely watching how often the irrigation system runs. We have also requested all the rain sensors to be checked. If you see irrigation running immediately after or during a prolonged rain storm, please notify the Board with details of the date, time, and exact location. This will help us to most efficiently identify the root problem.

Shrub Beds – Improvements to the various shrubs through the neighborhood are coming soon. One of the benefits to IMS is that they warranty the plants they install. We have requested replacement plants for the Sunshine Ligustrums planted last year that have died. IMS agreed and is replacing those in the coming weeks. Second, we are continuing work to refresh the main entrance median, most notably the roses that have died. We have also asked for ideas to install new perennial shrubs at the main Hayden Lakes sign. Lastly, the regular ligustrums lining many of the fences are in need of sporadic replacements after years of weather. This project may be completed in phases but we are working on identifying the needs at this time.

Request – You, the residents, are the best eyes to monitor what is happening through the neighborhood. If you see anything that needs attention, please email the landscaping committee or Board directly. This is the quickest and most efficient way to notify us so we can evaluate and take action. Thank you to those that already do this.