Pool Information

The pool is currently Swim At Your Own Risk from 6am-9pm until Oct 31.

Use this form to request an initial pool access card or replacement

Use this form to request access to swim when lifeguards are not present



Pool Rules

Hours of Operation

Open Tuesday-Sunday

6a-7:30a Swim at Your Own Risk Adult only
7:30a-11:30am Swim at Your Own Risk
12p-9p – Lifeguards present

Closed Monday, year-round, for maintenance and cleaning. When Monday is a holiday, the pool will be open and closed on Tuesday. High levels of chemicals may be present that need time to cycle through.

  1. 6a-7:30a is reserved for lap swimming and pool exercise
  2. All patrons must clear the pool and leave the pool area at 11:30am to ensure there is a clear demarcation of safety and responsibility when the lifeguards arrive and start supervising the pool. Patrons may leave their belongings if they wish, but they must physically leave the entire gated pool area until the guarded day begins at 12:00p.
  3. All patrons will be asked to clear the pool at 8:50p to allow the lifeguards to shut down the pool by 9pm.
Wading Pool

The wading pool/kid’s pool/main pool spillover, located directly behind the main pool as one enters the pavilion, is Swim At Your Own Risk at all times. Even when lifeguards are present, this pool is not supervised by a lifeguard. Parents are responsible for and must stay with their kids at all times. The HOA and any third-party lifeguarding company assumes zero liability for incidents of any kind in this area.

Key Cards & Gate Access
  1. Residents must access the pool with their own key card.
  2. Different families arriving at the same time must swipe in separately.
  3. All annual dues, fines, and fees assessed must be paid before a key card will be issued or activated.
  4. Residents whose key card does not work will be denied access. Please contact Sterling and the Board for assistance.
  5. Key cards will not be activated for Swim At Your Own Risk hours until a waiver has been signed and submitted to Sterling.
  6. Key cards may not be loaned/lent from one family to another.
  7. Do not prop the gate open at any time. Every family is responsible to ensure the gate closes after entering or exiting.
Guest Policy
  1. Each household, not each member of a household, is permitted to host a total of five guests at a time.

  2. Hayden Lakes residents may not be guests of other residents. A resident of Hayden Lakes must enter using their own key card.

  3. Guests must be accompanied by the member while in the pool area.

  4. Guests must follow all rules and be respectful of all members and property.

Hayden Lakes Rules of Conduct, Health, and Safety
  1. Accidents of any nature must be reported to a lifeguard (if present), Sterling management, and pool@haydenlakeshoa.org.
  2. During Swim At Your Own Risk hours, members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.
  3. No glassware including bottles, cups, or containers are permitted in the pool area.
  4. Members and guests must clean up after themselves before leaving. This includes disposing of garbage, wiping off tables after use, and placing chairs where they belong.
  5. No running, pushing, roughhousing, or undue disturbance is permitted in the pool area.
  6. Music must be kept at a volume so as not to disturb others.
  7. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper. 
  8. Do not talk to lifeguards who are on the stand, except for safety related concerns.
  9. There is a 10-minute safety break from :50-:00 of each hour while guards are present. All patrons under 18 must get out of the water. Adults are permitted to keep swimming. If both lifeguards are required to monitor the pool due to high usage, there will be a 15-minute break every hour, and all patrons, regardless of age, must clear the water.
  10. The Hayden Lakes Community Association is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.
  11. Pets, except those for service-related reasons, are not allowed within the fenced areas. All pets are strictly prohibited from entering the pool.
  12. No smoking, vaping, or illegal drug use is allowed. 
  13. All patrons must clear the pool and exit the gate at the first sight of lightning or sound of thunder. Everyone must stay out of the pool for 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning or sound of thunder. It is recommended to use an app like WeatherBug and not swim if lightning is within 6 miles of the pool. 
  14. No running around the deck of the pool
  15. No sitting on the infinity edge waterfall between the main pool and lower wading pool. No jumping between pools.
State of Texas Rules of Conduct, Health, and Safety
  1. No diving
  2. Do not swim if you have been ill with diarrhea within the past 2 weeks
  3. Changing diapers within 6 feet of the pool is prohibited
  4. Glass items not allowed in the pool yard
  5. Persons under the age of 14 must not be in the pool without adult supervision
  6. Extended breath holding activities are dangerous and prohibited


There is a direct line telephone located just outside the pool entrance gate. Pressing the button will connect you with a 911 dispatcher. The address is located next to the telephone.

  1. To report an incident, accident, or defecation in the pool that requires immediate or eventual attention, please call Sterling at 832-678-4500 and email pool@haydenlakeshoa.org

  2. To report pool issues, safety concerns, incidents, or residents not following rules, please send an email to pool@haydenlakeshoa.org. This email is monitored but will not solicit an immediate response. You may also fill out the form by scanning the QR code on the signs at the pool.

  3. For all reports, it will be most helpful to have a time, detailed description, and any pictures or video. The Board will use a combination of key card access and security cameras to evaluate the report.

Cameras & Security

Cameras are not actively monitored or reviewed without the need to review very specific incidents. Since they are not monitored, they are not security cameras, in the sense that pool patrons cannot expect immediate help from someone watching them live. 

All residents are encouraged to play an active role in keeping an eye on our neighborhood and pool facilities. Alert the proper authorities if you see something. If criminal activity has occurred, call the Precinct 3 constable non-emergency number at 713-274-2500. Parents, please have a conversation with your children (preteens, teens, and college kids alike) about the operating hours, rules, and respect for community property. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep Hayden Lakes safe and beautiful.

Loss of Pool Privileges

1. Swim At Your Own Risk privileges are for an entire household or none of the household. If anyone in your family causes the loss of SAYOR access, the entire family loses access. The same applies to guarded access.

2. Consequences for breaking the rules will be determined and access will be revoked at the sole discretion of the Board.

3. Up to 1 year suspension for violating rules. Each season, members will be allowed two strikes before a decision is made based on Board discretion. Depending on severity of the violation, suspension could occur prior to the second strike.

4. Although not exhaustive, infractions may be issued for:

  • Not following one of the rules listed at the pool or above in this document

  • Not following a lifeguard’s direction during guarded hours

  • Not cleaning up after yourself or creating a mess

  • Vandalism of any type

  • Refusal to identify yourself or your age to any resident requesting

  • Refusal to leave during SAYOR to guarded transition time

  • Swimming outside of pool hours

5. A $50 fine will be levied with any suspension. Full financial responsibility for the party involved for any damages or vandalism.

Internet Wifi Access

Internet is available at the pool. The Guest wifi password is Welcome123