1. As many of you noticed, the middle fountain of lake two was down for some time. It is now repaired. Although the malfunction was attributed to the nutria, further inquiry showed that the motor was tangled in tons of fishing line. The bill to repair it was several thousand dollars. To all fishermen, please take care in casting near the fountains.
  2. Now that the nutria found our lakes, it’s likely their presence will be ongoing. For a few reasons, the Board’s new position is to wait and see how to handle them. For one, there’s a whole colony next door in Oakcrest. Secondly, it’s not cost effective, at $450/week with no guarantees of catching, to continue hiring pest control for trapping. Lastly, it could be debated that any of the animals that populate our lakes are a nuisance in that they eat the foliage and have no regard for long-term damage. This is a fluid decision. As conditions change, so too could the stance.
  3. The Board received some unfortunate news from our landscaping vendor on the drift roses lining the main entrance median and roundabout. They have been overtaken by a disease which may render most of them dead in the coming seasons. IMS has sprayed them with a concoction which will hopefully save some, and they will continue to monitor them closely. Full damage remains to be seen at this time.
  4. Per our contract, IMS did their yearly turning of the mulch around the neighborhood last week.