Lake & Retention Pond Maintenance


The Association contracts with a Lake Management Services to treat the lakes twice a month. They pick up trash in the water, monitor water quality, treat for algae, and inspect and repair the fountains and lights.

Algae growth can pop up quickly between maintenance visits. Lake management will adjust the chemicals to help reduce the algae, but it is a careful balance of the budget and to protect the fish we have, which is a huge benefit to our neighborhood.

The drainage for the neighborhood starts at the entrance on Boudreaux and each lake is connected underground, dumping into the next with the final lake being lake 4. After this, the overflow goes out the west end into the usually empty retention area on the other side of Fleetwood Grove Crossing. This is visibly evident during heavy rains when all the lakes fill up and then quickly return to normal levels as the water runs through the retention ponds and out the west end as designed for water management. When there isn’t much rain or water flow, some parts of the lakes will be more stagnant than others.

All the storm drains for the neighborhood streets drain into the lakes. When there is a heavy rain, the lakes can get murky and any trash in the streets or anything that has been dumped down the drains, flows into the lakes. This is a prime reason to pick up loose trash and not simply flush anything off the driveway or down the street.

The new development behind us is also connected to our lakes as part of the municipal utility district plan. During their build, construction dirt is draining into our ponds, most notably in The Enclave. The Board has been in communication with the builder to make sure they are compliant with their approved SWPPP (stormwater pollution prevention plan).