After carefully weighing the pros and cons of moving to swim at your own risk, the Board has come to the decision to go with the hybrid option starting Wednesday, July 6. The pool will be open for current hours on July 4 and closed Tuesday as scheduled.

To fill out and sign the waiver, please navigate to, and click on Swim at Your Own Risk Form. Once complete, email to and Sterling will handle updating your access. Please note that:

1.       You will not be granted access without signing the waiver.

2.       We fully expect a flood of waivers, so it is possible that there could be some delay between receipt of the signed waiver and adjustment of access. With that in mind, the sooner you return the waiver, the quicker you may have access.

Other notes:

1.       SAYOR will be 6a-1130a Tuesday-Sunday and guarded will be 12p-9p Tuesday-Sunday. 6a-730a will be reserved for lap swimmers. The pool will still be closed Monday for cleaning. Please make note of the change. If you decide as a household that you would prefer not to participate in SAYOR, the hours of pool availability are reduced for you.

2.       There must be a break of 30 minutes between SAYOR and guarded. You are welcome to leave your belongings, but you must physically leave the gated pool area for that duration.

3.       If your household would like to utilize SAYOR, a Swim at Your Own Risk waiver must be signed and submitted before your access card will be activated for SAYOR hours. The waiver as well as all the rules are available at Only one form per household is required. All residents 18 years old and over must sign the waiver. Please ensure all residents under 18 years of age are listed with a guardian signature in the appropriate field.

If the hybrid option goes well for the remainder of the guarded season, SAYOR will be extended to the full length of the day (6a-9p continuous) through September and October. Following the full swim season, the Board will request community input on how it went, things to improve, whether SAYOR should continue or not, etc.

Thank you to everybody for your input and patience while we’ve worked to move in a direction that has been roundly asked about for quite some time. We know there will be some hiccups, but as long as we work together as a community, SAYOR can be a great change and success.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via