After a brief lull this spring, projects that the Board is working on has picked up again. Here’s a brief synopsis. Click on the appropriate links for more detailed information. 

Crawfish Boil
The 3rd annual crawfish boil is this Saturday at noon. Thanks to the generous sponsors, we will have the largest boil to date – 500 pounds of mudbugs! We appreciate the support of CB&A Realtors, The Siegfried Group, ISI Elite Training, Progressive Insurance by Harmony Agency, Your Health Your Way Coaching and Consulting, CoolVu Glass & Surface Solutions, and Louisiana Cuisine.
Click the links to read more about these great sponsors and the event.
Crawfish Boil Sponsors
Crawfish Boil Event Info

Enclave Lake
The Board has identified concerns with the Mirella build site causing the lake to remain brown and we are in contact with the developer. We anticipate the lake clearing up by July. Click here for more detailed information.

We are working with IMS on multiple improvements including: easements, preventative bagworm treatment, limiting irrigation, and sprucing up the entrance sign, median, and shrub beds. Click here for details.

As the weather warms up, please ensure you are current on dues and have a release on file to use the pool for the expanded SAYOR hours. Reminder to not open the gate for strangers and speak up if you notice anyone jumping the fence. Only as an outspoken community will we retain the ability to keep SAYOR. The pool is open for SAYOR from March 1st – October 31st and lifeguards are present 12pm-9pm May 24th – August 11th.

We have ordered a new toddler swing for the park and trash can for the southwest corner of lake 2 that blew away in a storm a few years ago. The toddler swings continue to be misused and broke by standing on them. To conserve community funds, please politely say something if you see this happening.

Lastly, a note on Board responses. For almost 3 years, the Board has avoided social media confrontations. We understand the value as an additional channel to disseminate information such as this eblast. Occasionally we see posts but refrain from direct replies. Please email us and direct others towards to do the same at for a thorough response. Monitor your spam folder for a response as our replies occasionally go there. We can also usually handle simple questions or concerns quicker than going through the management company, saving you time and frustration.

Architectural Requests
It has been brought to our attention that ARC (Architectural Request Committee) submissions were taking weeks for approval. Once the ARC receives the submission from Sterling, they usually reply back to Sterling in less than a day. After some research, it looks like it is taking Sterling a week or more from submission to send them to the ARC for review and a week or more to notify the homeowner. We are working with Sterling to expedite this process. We don’t want the fact that you’re trying to do the right thing by submitting an architectural request to hinder your project.

Hope to see everyone at the crawfish boil!
Hayden Lakes Board of Directors