The Board has fielded several complaints about water trucks constantly being on Hayden Lakes Dr to refill for the construction going on across Boudreaux. After discussion with the contractor and MUD5, we have arrived at several conclusions.

  1. The trucks are following proper protocol. They have the right meters, and the work site has not yet been approved to turn on water.
  2. The construction site falls within MUD5, so the hydrants down Shaw, Northpointe, or towards 249 on Boudreaux are not available.

The best resolution which we could find was to divert the water trucks off of Hayden Lakes Dr and onto Boatbill. It is obviously not a total solution, but at least they will not spend time at the main entrance any longer.

If you see a water truck refilling on Hayden Lakes Dr, please reach out via email with pictures, and we will do our best to resolve.