We understand resident concerns with the lake being continuously murky. We are in communication with Caldwell, the developer of Mirella, and shared your thoughts. This past week, the Board walked The Enclave and build site to identify potential sources of dirt contamination and areas of improvement. After an assertive email requesting an immediate fix, the developer was on-site the following day to implement changes. They are required to follow an approved SWPPP (StormWater Pollution Prevention Plan). It is standard practice to contract this out, just as they do the build of the individual homes. Caldwell took immediate action this past week to release their current SWPPP contractor and hire a new one who began the immediate improvements. We requested and Caldwell replied with strict dates for compliance. Simultaneously, we are coordinating with our lake vendor for a one time treatment to clear up the Enclave lake. We anticipate this to take place by July (or sooner), after sod is laid in Mirella for self sustaining rain runoff prevention. This treatment will be paid for by Caldwell. Our intention is that by eliminating the dirt runoff, the Enclave lake will be able to begin naturally returning to it’s original state. The treatment will be the final step to clear it up. We are working to resolve this eyesore as expeditiously as possible.

The Enclave lake drains into lake 4, the furthest back lake in the neighborhood, so this is why lake 4 is also not as clear as the other lakes. As a reminder, the lakes drain into each other starting at the front of the neighborhood. Anything dumped into the storm water sewers, eventually touches all of the lakes. Lake Management does a good job when they notice issues, but we Don’t want them to overtreat, potentially killing wildlife, and adding expenses that aren’t necessary. It is a fine balance to keep the beautiful resource we have looking good.

For additional information, click here for the lake maintenance page.