POOL Update:

Overall the opening of the pool has been a mixed success. We are happy to see the pool packed with people enjoying our wonderful pool. We are working on getting the pool chemicals stabilized. Because of this there have been some brief delayed openings to correct some issues. We appreciate your patience. Opening day there were some issues with the gate, but those have been resolved. If you are still having issues that means your card is defective, it is the incorrect card or you have dues or fees that haven’t been paid.

Please email Bennie Lunsford Vicepresident@haydenlakeshoa.org

SAYOR: Swim at your own risk

Earlier this week we heard back from the lawyer and at this point there isn’t anything keeping us from moving forward with part time SAYOR. We would like to have a town hall meeting to discuss this with the neighborhood before we make a decision. There are a lot of pros and cons with SAYOR and we would like to hear everyone’s thoughts. That way we can hopefully identify some areas we might haven’t thought about. This meeting will be held virtually over Zoom on June 13th at 7pm. A link will be sent out  closer to the town hall. Before the town hall please use this google form to submit any comments or concerns you have. We would like to review these and hopefully have answers at the meeting. https://forms.gle/ZNM7JqnxC322Krny9


IMS has completed the assessment and repair of all outstanding irrigation issues. These were extensive. Several zones were repaired that are suspected of not working for some time. This may lead to residual issues as solenoids and valves operate that haven’t moved in over a year. If you see a zone get stuck on for more than 45 minutes, this is not normal. Please email Landscaping@HaydenLakesHoa.org so we can take care of it expeditiously.

We have verified the easements on the east and south sides of the neighborhood were all trimmed last week. The contact states these will be maintained on a monthly basis moving forward. 


HOA Board

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Justin – President@HaydenLakesHOA.org
Bennie – VicePresident@HaydenLakesHOA.org
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